Nightingale creature Released
Nightingale creature thumbnail Released
Nightingale creature thumbnail Released
Nightingale is a captivating PvE survival crafting game created by the adept team at Inflexion Games. Players are transported to a Gaslamp Fantasy world, where they take on the role of Realmwalkers exploring various mystical realms. The core experience involves players' ability to explore, craft, build, and fight their way through the enchanting yet perilous Fae Realms of Nightingale. Each realm offers unique challenges and opportunities, encouraging players to utilize their survival skills and creativity in both individual and cooperative play.

Nightingale's Beasts & Creatures

In the Fae Realms of Nightingale, Realmwalkers will meet a fascinating variety of creatures. The journey begins with familiar entities like The Bound and extends to a host of other intriguing critters and beings. These realms are teeming with unique creatures that bring both charm and challenges to your adventure.

Prepare to meet some of Nightingale's most remarkable inhabitants, including the stealthy Carnute, the formidable Harpies, the majestic Eoten, the mysterious Bandersnatch, the playful Brippo, and the intense Flamesplitter. Each creature adds a unique flavor to the rich tapestry of the Faewild.

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Nightingale Harpy


Nightingale Automaton Knight

Automaton Knight

Nightingale Automatons


Nightingale Bandersnatch


Nightingale Brippo


Nightingale Eotens


Nightingale Hexham Mongrel

Hexham Mongrel

Nightingale Meppigow


Nightingale The Bound

The Bound

Nightingale Elephant


Tools for Nightingale

Discover a suite of tools designed to enhance your Nightingale experience. Easily look up creatures, items, and structures, or use our calculators to optimize your gameplay. This is your go-to resource for everything you need to know in the world of Nightingale.