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Realm Exploration Overview

Survival Tips: Explore survival strategies and tips for navigating the mystical realms of Nightingale.

Building & Crafting: Discover building and crafting techniques to thrive in the fantastical world.

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Realm Exploration in Nightingale

Epic Boss Encounters

Confront the Unknown: Face off against formidable bosses and learn strategies to overcome them.

A universe of richly-detailed Faewild realms to explore teeming with ambient life, eldritch creatures, and environmental realism.

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Boss Encounter in Nightingale

Cooperative Gameplay Adventures

Team Up for Success: Join forces with friends to explore, build, and battle in the shared realms of Nightingale.

Explore together: Play Nightingale solo or with up to 5 additional players in a single party (for a total of 6 in a Realm).

Official Servers: Nightingale will have official dedicated servers as part of the game offering, but it will not have the typical private server support for the initial Early Access launch.

Cooperative Gameplay in Nightingale

Crafting and Building Essentials

Master the Art of Crafting: Learn crafting recipes and building strategies to create your own safe haven in Nightingale.

In-depth crafting allows you to create the tools, gear, and weapons you need to survive.

Robust construction system. Build estates, farms, and communities to live off the land.

Crafting and Building in Nightingale

Conquer Realm Challenges

Face the Realms: Tackle unique challenges and quests in the diverse realms of Nightingale.

Combat: Powerful first-person or third-person combat allows players to wield an assortment of guns, blades, and sorcery.

Repeatable Gameplay: Endless adventures across the realms powered by Nightingale’s Realm Card. By combining cards crafted by the players, Realmwalkers will be able to explore new realms created in conjunction with Nightingale’s sophisticated procedural generation system, increasing the depth and variety of their exploration.

Realm Challenges in Nightingale

Nightingale FAQ

In this Nightingale FAQ were breaking down all of your burning questions that you might have about Nightingale before you get started. Nightingale is out now on PC via Steam and the Epic Games Store.

Q. When will Nightingale launch?

Q. How much will Nightingale cost?

Q. Is Nightingale single-player or multiplayer?

Q. What platforms is Nightingale on?

Q. Is Nightingale played in first person only?

Q. Will Nightingale work on Steamdeck?

Q. Does Nightingale require an internet connection?

Q. What are Realm Cards?

Q. Will I be able to play Nightingale with a controller?

Q. Does Nightingale support key rebinding?

Q. Will there be dedicated servers?

Q. Will you support community mods?

Q. I'm a content creator, do you have an official partnership program?

Q. What accessibility options will be available?

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