an image of the Nightingale item Perfect Steak

Perfect Steak

The apex of the butcher’s art, the chef’s skill, and over a hundred years of international spice trading. Every bite is a symphony and a bulwark to one’s fettle.

Max Stack Count: 1

Item Type: Consumable

Power Level: 3

Tags: 1 H, Bait, Cooked, Herbivore, Food, Meat, Refined

Weight: 0.5

Health Max: 266

Stamina Max: 45

Health Regen Rate: 80

Stamina Regen Rate: 3

Fed: 40

Effect Duration: 1440

Crafting Recipe

Quantity Given: 1

an image of the Nightingale item/resource Marinated Raw Meat

1 x Marinated Raw Meat

Crafted By:

Calcularian Stove

Calcularian Stove