an image of the Nightingale item Shepherd's Pie

Shepherd's Pie

Versatility is advantageous in the Realms, for in this case, what can be made with fresh ingredients may also be made with leftovers. Meat and potatoes make a hardy combination.

Max Stack Count: 1

Item Type: Consumable

Power Level: 2

Tags: 1 H, Cooked, Food, Meat, Refined, Grain

Weight: 0.5

Health Max: 100

Stamina Max: 30

Health Regen Rate: 40

Stamina Regen Rate: 4

Fed: 35

Effect Duration: 1260

Crafting Recipe

Quantity Given: 1

an image of the Nightingale item/resource Seasoned Raw Meat

1 x Seasoned Raw Meat

an image of the Nightingale item/resource Dough

1 x Dough

Crafted By:

Meat Grinder

Meat Grinder

Calcularian Stove

Calcularian Stove



Cast-Iron Stove

Cast-Iron Stove