an image of the Nightingale item Refined Climbing Picks

Refined Climbing Picks

Designed by the professor, climber and archaeologist, Annie Smith Peck, these picks are sleek, sturdy and capable of great enhancement with magickal contracts.

Max Stack Count: 1

Item Type: Climbing

Power Level: 2

Tags: Mirrored, Climbing, 1 H

Durability: 100

Melee Damage: 72

Stamina Cost: 5

Strength: 10

Weak Point Damage: 1.5

Weight: 2

Magic Power: 15

Stamina Efficiency: 0.05

Speed: 0.05

Crafting Recipe

Quantity Given: 1

an image of the Nightingale item/resource Ingot

2 x Ingot

an image of the Nightingale item/resource Lumber

2 x Lumber

Crafted By:

Simple Map

Simple Map



Excellent Workbench

Excellent Workbench

Refined Workbench

Refined Workbench